Pukeko Signs was born in 2003 on Waiheke Island.
Originally founded by Stuart Velvin in a small container on an empty yard accompanied  by his favourite dog, Tom, and armed only with a knife , a ruler and a piece of plastic, Stuart has grown the business into the successful and thriving service it is today.
Along the way he quickly saw the potential and commitment in the  eyes of young Ayla Speakman.  Waiheke born and ready for an adventure Stuart took Ayla under his wing. She learned the trade with the unerring skill of a sign jedi and quickly rose to the ranks of production manager.
Just behind Ayla followed the diligent and mild mannered Renee Garrick.  Always friendly with a kind word and a smile Renee found a comfortable position in the show room with second to none sign making talent and lightning fast admin skills.
Last but not least in strolled a creative who's passion for organization and love for design paralleled his charming crooked smile and cunning wit.  Greg Cantwell has burst onto the scene with the gusto of a mid winter sou'wester and is ready to co-pilot the best little sign shop in town.
Together this magnificent four will help you create your ideas into reality no matter how large or small.
We look forward to meeting you.